Pre-and Postnatal

Pre-and Postnatal

Pregnancy brings both joy and challenges, with significant demands on the body due to postural and hormonal changes. Joints, muscles, and ligaments adapt as the baby grows and some areas may struggle more than others.

After giving birth, women may face issues such as abdominal muscle weakness, pelvic floor dysfunction, and tummy gap, leading to pain and instability.

Our clinic offers pre and postnatal care to address these challenges. Through comprehensive assessments and personalised treatments, we help women regain strength, alleviate pain, and restore their overall well-being.

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Common problems our patients have recovered from:

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Pre-and Postnatal

Pre- Post Natal Osteopathy

Our skilled practitioners use safe and non-invasive techniques to promote optimal pelvic and postural alignment in order to alleviate symptoms like lower back discomfort, pelvic girdle pain, and sciatica during and after pregnancy. By nurturing the mother's well-being and enhancing her physical comfort, we aim to contribute to a more enjoyable pregnancy, assisting you in maintaining optimal physical well-being and supporting your body's recovery after birth.

Mummy MOT

Up to half of all women experience weakness in both the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and up to a third still have a tummy gap at eight weeks post-birth. This can cause instability or poor core strength leading to women developing pelvic or back pain or bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. These conditions should not be something you should just put up with as a result of having a baby.

It’s recommended that women have an initial assessment after their 6-8 week GP check, but we also treat women who gave birth years ago that may still have a tummy gap or related pelvic floor issues.

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Pre-and Postnatal

Pelvic floor health: Osteopathy can help assess and address pelvic floor dysfunction, which plays a big role during pregnancy . By providing specific exercises and manual therapy, it supports the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles.

Abdominal muscle recovery: Osteopathy can assist in evaluating and promoting the healing and rehabilitation of abdominal muscles, including addressing conditions like diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation).

Postural alignment: Osteopathic treatment focuses on correcting postural imbalances that may arise during pregnancy, childbirth and post partum due to breastfeeding. Osteopathy helps restore optimal alignment, which can improve overall posture, relieve strain on the body, and enhance movement.

Pain relief: Osteopathy techniques can alleviate body discomfort, such as back pain, neck pain, and pelvic pain. By addressing musculoskeletal issues and promoting proper alignment, it can help reduce the symptoms and improve daily functioning.

Individualised care: Both osteopathy and Mummy MOT treatment is personalised to the specific needs and concerns of the individual. Osteopaths assess the unique postnatal condition of each patient and provide targeted treatments and exercises to address their specific requirements.

Overall well-being after birth: Osteopathic treatment alongside the Mummy MOT supports the holistic well-being of postnatal women. It aims to promote physical health, emotional well-being, and increased confidence in the body's strength and functionality.

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Other treatments

General Osteopathy

Osteopathy treatments look at the source of pain addressing postural issues, muscle problems, back and nerve pain. They realign the body, easing chronic pain, stress, and migraines.
Realignment. Pain relief. Wellness.

Woman's Health

Specialised treatments for women's health address conditions such as pelvic pain, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual disorders, promoting overall well-being and optimal female health.
Pelvic pain relief. Hormonal balance. Well-being.

Scar Release

Scar release treatments address scar tissue restrictions, alleviating discomfort after surgery. They contribute to increased scar mobility and support optimal physical recovery.
Comfort. Mobility. Recovery.


Holistic therapy using pressure on specific points, enhancing well-being by promoting balance and relaxation throughout the body.
Personalised optimisation. Specific needs addressed. Vitality enhanced.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic touch promoting relaxation, easing tension, and enhancing well-being through manual manipulation of muscles and soft tissues.
Targeted relief. Tension ease. Flexibility. Relaxation.
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Please provide us with a 24-hour notice for appointment changes or cancellations.
We understand urgent cases may arise, and with prior notice, we will accommodate whenever possible.
Costs implications for our therapists and clinic should be considered.
Full refunds are available with 24-hour notice or if we can allocate the time-slot to another patient.


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